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1) “G” and “T” type door pull design identifications:
  “G” is normally a straight leg handle
  “T” is normally an offset leg handle
  Originally type “G” door pulls were designed for glass door application and “T” type were designed for frame/flush door applications. However, with the correct mounting hardware some “T” design pulls will function on glass door applications, while all “G” design pulls will function, in principle, on frame/flush door applications. Consult with your Elmes sales representative or customer service personnel for door pull design interchangeability.
2) Required general product information to properly specify an ELMES door handle design.
  a) Design number, material requirement and finish detail.
    Example: T6010-01-001
  T = Design Identification
  6010 = Model number
  01 = Material requirement
  001 = Finish Detail
  b) Center-to-Center and/or Overall Length

Determine your mounting application requirements: Pair (Back-to-Back) or Pieces (Single Mount). In case of single mounting application, please specify whether it is going to be mounted onto the interior or exterior of the door. In addition, please specify mounting hardware.

For more details, please see Article 6.

  d) Specify type of door: wood, steel, aluminum, glass or frame.
  e) Specify door thickness, i.e. 1⁄2”, 3⁄4”, 1 3⁄4”. Please let the Elmes sales representative or customer service personnel know if the handle is going to be mounted onto a door with variable thicknesses (if applicable): i.e. top – 1 3⁄4” Aluminum frame and bottom – 1⁄2” glass), The price will change accordingly.
3) In general, most push/pulls use only two mounting legs when the door pull is attached to the door or frame. However, depending on the length, Elmes Door Hardware may recommend the use of three or four point mounts. An additional charge per mounting leg will apply.
  a) For Semi-Custom door handle (i.e. changing the finish) if design number, material(s) or finishes are not indicated in your Elmes catalog a “special inquiry” to the factory may be necessary. Please contact your local sales representative or the Elmes customer service department for “special inquiry” procedures and further assistance.
  b) For custom design door handle, the minimum information required to initiate your inquiry is a line drawing indicating: dimensional specifications, base material(s), finish details and quantity. Be prepared to assist your Elmes sales representative or customer service personnel in the initial design phase of your custom door handle inquiry.
4) Polished and Hairline Finishes.
  a) Elmes door pull designs are offered with three basic finishes: Polished, Hairline and oxidation. Hairline is very similar to the standard US satin brushing, but done in a vertical motion with uniformed and defined lines.
  b) In most situations, the changing of a finish detail from polished to hairline/satin or from hairline to polished is feasible.
  c) An additional charge of 20% will apply to the list price when changing the finish detail.
  d) Please contact your local sales representative or Elmes customer service department for specifying assistance and ordering procedures.
5) Pricing and Shipping:
  a) List pricing is available to all architectural offices and general contractors.List pricing consists of one pair of push/pull handles in a back to back application. Mounting hardware is included.
  b) In case of piece supply (Exterior side or Interior side only) for single mounting, please note:
The Price shall be just half of pair price. Further, please see the following Article 6).
  c) Order processing and product delivery is 3-4 weeks for standard items which starts from receipt of formal purchase order.
  d) Please consult with Elmes customer service personnel if the standard order processing and product delivery is not satisfactory for your customer.
  e) Terms are Net 30 days upon credit approval. However, in most instances, Elmes will only open accounts for new customers when the order exceeds $5,000.00.
  f) F.O.B. Torrance, CA 90501, unless otherwise specified.
  g) On shipments of less than $100.00 net, minimum charge per invoice is $20.00 net.
6) In case of single mounting, the following mounting methods can be adopted as shown in INSTALLATION
a) With flat head machine screws or pan head machine screws (available free of charge)
  b) With finish washers (available at an additional charge)
  c) With decorative end caps (available at an additional charge)
  d) Concealed mounting is available for the interior side of handle with the following hardware at an additional charge.
    - Thread insert for wood door
    - Riv Nut for steel and alumimum door
  e) Surface mounting for hollow steel and aluminum door. Utilizing reinforcement inner plate fitted with welding by the door manufacturer.
7) Orders for semi-custom and Custom Door Pull Designs:
We will start the production immediately we are given orders from the customers, which please note. Any changes or cancellation will result in cancellation fees to cover material and labor costs.
8) ADA Compliancy
ALL OF OUR DOOR HANDLES EXCLUDING DOOR KNOBS ARE ADA COMPLIANT. For further information please contact our Customer Service personnel.
Elmes welcomes the opportunity to quote on any custom designs. Please submit drawings to TIC for review and pricing. Certain guidelines must be followed.
PITCH (Center-to-Center)
  The pitch can be changed on any tubular pull given enough time and quantity.
  E-PITCH (Mounting Location from End of Tubular Pull)
  The E-Pitch can be changed on any tubular pull given enough time and quantity.
  The Overall length can be changed on any tubular pull given enough time and quantity.
  Cast designs should be thoroughly discussed with TIC to ensure whether the design is economically feasible or not, in terms of the materials, finish, etc.
  Pulls with custom lengths may require a modification in design to ensure adequate and safe mounting.
Most tubular designs can be ordered with different finishes than what is shown in the catalog. Please note that certain guidelines apply when specifying a custom finish on a door.
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